Digital Strategist & Business Development

Why Hire Us?


If you're unsure of your company's position in the digital world, perhaps you would like to speak with someone who can answer your questions and enable you to tackle your sales and marketing goals with confidence. 

May we suggest that you start with a simple phone chat? This will allow us to assess your company's current market position and future needs so that we can better assist you in achieving your goals. 

We understand that there are many companies that have made strong in-roads into the digital world, but are still in need of digital transformation strategies. 

Losing Sleep? Engage Jones Digital Strategist

If you are losing sleep over the overwhelming tasks associated with marketing in a digital world then maybe a better night's sleep can be yours by simply starting with a phone call. 

Missing Reliable People?

All too often principals in most companies pass off the digital marketing strategies to an assistant or intern who is no better qualified than they, to initiate programs allowing them to compete in the digital environment. The unfortunate result of this approach is that nothing meaningful is ever really accomplished or it moves at a snail's pace. 

This type of strategy braces future success of your company in the realm of the experimental. 

We hope you will take advantage of our 10 years of experience and our multi-generational team to help you better understand and implement competitive strategies that can make your company visible in the digital world.